Strava UI / UX Dark Mode

  • Language: not coded
  • Development Environment: not coded
  • Developer Account: Personal
  • UI Designed: Sketch 4.1
  • Images: Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Sale: Not for sale // Concept UI


  • Designed UI with Sketch 4.1
  • Implemented Dark mode UI theme.
  • Implemented 3x theme colors which correspond with the type of sport the user is in to. (Green, pink, blue)
  • Implemented sports icon on the profile screen. (hiking, tennis, dog walk, etc…) 

The Idea

If you are not into cycling or running, more likely you are not be using Strava. That needs to change, we need to start connecting with people through different activities. for example: If you are a hiker, you should be able to customize the profile screen to your needs, that way you can show your followers who you are and what you do. 

  • Profile icons should be customizable. 
  • The user should be able to select any sports to be shown on the profile screen. (As of right now it’s locked to bike, run, swim)