May 27, 2019 BOLDERBoulder 10K

In 1979 we dreamt of attracting a few hundred of our friends to race though the streets of Boulder, Colorado to celebrate Memorial Day with our families. Fast forward almost 40 years and the BOLDERBoulder has grown to become one of the largest and most highly acclaimed 10K’s in the world. Named America’s All-Time Best 10K by Runner’s World, it is the 3rd largest running race in the United States and the 7th largest in the world.

Almost 1.2 million runners, joggers, walkers and spectators of all ages have gathered over the years to create a spectacle that defies description. Olympic medal winners and hopefuls, grandmothers and kids, running enthusiasts and one-race-a-year guests from all over the world come together at the foot of the Rocky Mountains to form one of the sport’s truly unique events. Each year we host 50,000+ participants and 100,000+ spectators throughout the course for what we like to call the biggest and best Memorial Day celebration on earth.

The BOLDERBoulder is still locally owned and operated, and our dream continues. This event has taken on a life that we never quite envisioned, and it rewards us every year beyond measure. We hope you will join us to celebrate fitness, our country and this great state of ours, Colorado.


The event grew so big that in 1983 we created “The Wave Start.” It’s pretty simple. Instead of one big mass start, waves just let you run with people your own speed. We divide the 50,000 participants into about 100 waves. Waves start with the fastest runners, then go to joggers, then to walkers.

Only the first 30 waves require qualification — meaning proof of one’s running pace. All other waves are open to everyone on a first come, first serve basis.