I’m cleaning up my social media accounts, so I wrote a simple script to remove people without feeling guilty 😉

  • If you havent posted a picture in IG for more than 2month, you will be removed.
  • No IG “Stories” in more than 6 Weeks
  • No activity between your account and mine. (Script includes conversation and likes)
  • Script should remove you from ALL accounts ( Twitter, Strava, Dribble, Fb)


I don’t want people in my account who are obviously active but never post any pictures / likes / conversations… basically I don’t want lurkers following my personal account. It’s hard to remove those of you who I’ve known for a long time, but if we havent talked in years, and you’re never posting pictures/tweets/sketches… I just don’t see the point to let you into my world.


Again, it’s not personal, the script is doing all the dirty work 🙂 – if ya think im being an A-Hole feel free to send me an email

Make sure to check out my public accounts